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Simon often used his rostered days off as his cleaning days. He often shared a laugh with his Mum over how domesticated he had become. He had lined up a heap of laundry as it was a nice sunny day in Glebe, perfect for washing. He also decided to vacuum and mop the floors with really hot water so he could enjoy the weekend with his mates up the coast surfing and not have to worry about coming home to a mess.He had put the first load of washing on and in the meantime vacuumed the floor of his unit. He even went to the extreme of sweeping the leaves off his balcony.

The washing machine beeped to indicate that it had finished the cycle. Simon went to empty the washing machine and he was standing in a puddle of warm water.He was quite surprised as to how much water was on the floor. He wasn’t quite sure if the washing machine was leaking. Since the washing had finished he grabbed the mop and tried to push all of the water down the floor drain and then he realized it wasn’t the washing machine leaking it was the hot water tank.

He ran upstairs and performed an internet search for a plumber in his area. He saw one called Your Neighbourhood Plumber Glebe so he called them and explained the problem with the leaking hot water tank. He was able to give the plumber some information from the old tank so the plumber arrived with a replacement tank already on his truck.

Upon his arrival he showed Simon where the problem was and explained that the tank had burst due to its age. Simon was happy that he had made the decision to call the Glebe Plumber as it was clearly not something that would fix itself. The Glebe plumber was able to drain and remove the burst hot water tank and replace it with a brand new one. By mid-afternoon there was a new tank in place and Simon had hot water available again.

If you need to replace a burst hot water tank in Glebe call us on 0422 002 871.

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