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  • Hot water issues
  • Blocked drains
  • Leaks or burst pipes

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  • More than 125,000 household emergencies resolved each year
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Mel is a busy Mum of three children in Glebe and bath-time is always a nightmare. Her husband works shift work so she is often left home alone with the three kids and sometimes battle to get them to get ready for a bed. Today was her usual struggle. Her ten-year-old daughter had her shower with little fuss (thankfully); her seven-year-old son and her 5-year-old son shared a bath splashing around with bubbles everywhere. She was looking forward to putting them to bed so she could have a few minutes peace. Riley and Zac were making so much noise Mel was getting to the end of her tether. “Please boys just settle down you are giving Mum a headache.” She pleaded. The boys settled down a little and she dried off Riley and dressed him in his pyjamas for bed. Last one, Zac. Most kids are content to splash about with bubbles but curious Zac decided to liven up his time in the bath, and poked his finger in the plughole as the bath drained. “Don’t do that Zac, you’ll get your fingers stuck!” Mel exclaimed.She went to lift him out of the bath and her worst nightmare had become a reality, little Zac had indeed had his fingers stuck in the bath drain. Mel tried frantically to free his fingers however Zac kept trying to pull them out and they had become stuck fast. The bath was now empty, Zac was cold and trapped in the bath. Mel ran out to the phone and flicked through the phone book to find Your Neighbourhood Plumber Glebe. He was so nice on the last visit she decided to add his number to her phonebook. Mel relayed the drama to the plumber and he said he would get there as quickly as possible. The Glebe Plumber arrived and tried to free Zac’s fingers but had no luck. He then worked on removing the metal drain from the bath. He manage to remove the plug but Zac’s fingers were still stuck. Wrapped in a towel the headed to the kitchen where they continued to try and free Zac’s fingers from the plug. By applying a special lubricant to his finger, the plumber was able to eventually free the now distressed child. Mel was extremely grateful for the service provided by the plumber and was no looking after a little boy with a couple of swollen fingers. No matter what your Glebe Emergency is we are here to help. Call us on call 0422 002 871.

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