Tools for drain cleaners

Have you ever had guest coming over to your for dinner or any other occasion in just a few hours and you want the house to be exquisite. You take the dirty dishes out of your sink and open the strainer. Nothing happens. You look for the drain to see if there is something blocking the flow of water, only to find that there is nothing. You are stuck with a sink that is full of dirty gray and murky water. It is then that it hits you that the drain is clogged. You at times may not have the time to call the plumber to sort out your problem. However, with the right kind of tools to clean your drain, you need not panic. Read on to find out some of the tools for drain cleaners.

The use of harmful chemicals in order to unclog your drain can be harmful to your health. Clog busters are equipments that are non-toxic and that can be easily attached to the garden hose and pushed deep into the drain pipes. Then turn on the water. Pressure builds up in the clog buster causing the pipe to swell and puts pressure to the wall of the pipe. Once it is tight enough, it does not allow the water to seep behind but instead pushes the water towards the clog with enough to bust through the clog. They are a good investment as they are reusable and economical.
A mini-rooter pro drain cleaner is another machine that has been developed having time saving features. They clear out the drain lines in your kitchen, laundry, and bathroom. In addition to the above, it is portable and is very safe.
Other equipment that are wise to invest in and that will most definitely come in handy and save you the embarrassment are plungers as well as toilet augers. Having the above tools for drain cleaners, invite all the guests you want without the worry of disappointments.