What comes into your mind when you hear, drains, kitchen drains, piping?


Having a clogged kitchen drain pipe may disrupt the family meals and also cost the family bundles to repair. Luckily, you do not have to worry about that now. You can decide to tackle the problem by yourself or call in a plumber. This is what you are required to do if you decide to do this by yourself.
You will need a kitchen plunger. This is a common tool that is easy to use and it is affordable. It has long handles which provides a good gripping area for the user.You will need to put on safety glasses to avoid getting water residue in your eyes. Push the plunger downwards at a water level of four inches as this provides a good force. Putting the right amount of effort will provide enough pressure to loosen the blockage and let the water drain freely. Turn the hot water tap to send hot water down the drain for about five minutes.
It is quite obvious that after washing the pans and dishes there water is left greasy. The fats and oil clog to the sides of the pipes.this leads to accumulation of any other thing washed down the drain resulting to blockage. To take care of this you will need to put down the plunger and use a snake. A snake is a flexible wire that is pushed down the drain to loosen up the blockage. however , it has a limited reach and thus cannot be used in the main sewer line.
There are different things that can create a drainage problem. With this in mind you will realize that a plunger is no longer enough. This is when you decide to call in a plumber for assistance. A plumbers snake can solve many problems with a reach of just 200 feet.Heavily blocked drains will however require adoption of machinery. Plumbers have excellent methods such as high pressure cleaners used for cleaning highly blocked pipes. They use a concentrated amount of water by sending it directly towards the main area.
This is followed by an intense flow of water to follow up cleaning residues remaining from the original clog. With the hep of professional plumbers you are able to identify the emergency and thus solve the problem as quick as possible. To avoid getting injuries it is advisable to leave the assessment to the plumbers as they are skilled to do so.